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About PEAK Enterprise and Innovation Programme

PEAK is funded by UK Aid from the United Kingdom Government to support the development of stronger, more diversified and inclusive private sectors in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

PEAK’s key goal is to support the development of startups and to stimulate the sustainable growth of micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and improve the business advisory services infrastructure.

PEAK’s targeted outcomes include an increase in the number of (i) successfully supported startups, (ii) resilient and growing MSMEs, and (iii) jobs created, in addition to (iv) an increase in the capacity of local business advisory services providers (BASPs).

PEAK will achieve its objectives through:

– establishing Business Innovation Centres (BICs)

– improving the quality of business advisory services and mentorship offered to MSMEs and startups

– stimulating business linkages between BASPs and startups/MSMEs

Expected outcomes in Kyrgyzstan by April 2023

Number of startups and MSMEs successfully graduated PEAK programmes by April 2023
Additional direct jobs facilitated in target enterprises as a result of the PEAK programme assistance
Number of individual Business Advisory Services Providers (BASPs) receiving capacity building with support from EIP

PEAK target operation structure:

Implemented by:

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Copyright © 2021 DAI Europe. All rights reserved