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Ashiraliev Ulan - financier with 13 years of experience in the banking sector, experience as a consultant for over 4 years. He was engaged in consulting large industrial enterprises, in the field of agriculture and IT. The main directions: financial accounting and planning, diagnostics of business processes and increasing their efficiency, as well as automation of business processes with the development of technical advice on assignments and subsequent implementation. One of the latest projects is the automation and reengineering of business processes in the state structures and bodies, which led to an increase in the efficiency of their activities, digitalization and minimization of their costs.

Professional Experience:

3-5 years

Industry/business sector experience:
  • I:
    - Access to Finance, Financial Management & Reporting - 13 years
  • II:
    - Operations, Resource Efficiency & Risk Management - 2 years
Avg client satisfaction

90.6 %

Languages Spoken

English: fluent
Russian: fluent
Kyrgyz: fluent

Geographic Coverage
  • Bishkek: 100%

Specific Services

Financial budgeting & forecasting

CONTACTUlan Ashiraliev


996 707 38 38 60

© PEAK, 2023

© PEAK, 2023