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Get a FREE diagnostic of your business and unlock your growth potential!

PEAK Enterprise and Innovation Programme (PEAK), funded by the UK Aid of the United Kingdom’s Government, offers a unique opportunity for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) of Kyrgyzstan to improve their businesses. Within 45 minutes, highly qualified and PEAK-certified business advisory service providers (BASPs) will help you identify areas to improve your business performance and resilience with the use of PEAK’s innovative and practical Business Diagnostic tool.

What Does the Diagnostic Tool Provide?

  • Rapid assessment of business capacity and competitiveness against seven key pillars (Operations, Demand, Business Management, Financials, Safety, Supply Chain, and Workforce)
  • A quantitative and qualitative report on your business performance against industry standards and competitors
  • Recommendations for business development and improving performance

What Are the Benefits for You?

  • Understanding your business resilience and capacity post COVID-19
  • Enhancement of your business model and development to international standards
  • Increasing your business network and market access
  • An opportunity to apply for subsidy through PEAK for a Business Advisory Services project that aims to retain or create new jobs, introduce innovation and increase revenue for your business.

Who can apply?

To apply, MSMEs should meet the following requirements:

  • Enterprise is registered in Kyrgyzstan
  • Enterprise is a majority-owned (i.e. >51%) Kyrgyz enterprise
  • Enterprise size meets the local legal definition of a Small or Medium enterprise*
  • Enterprise has been operating a business or income-generating activity for at least 12 months;
  • Enterprise’s primary business activity is in one of the following priority sectors: agribusiness / food processing, ICT, healthcare and well-being, education, textiles and garments, financial services, retail and wholesale trade, services, warehousing/ transportation/ logistics, small-scale production, or HoReCa**;
  • Enterprise demonstrates leadership, openness to change and willingness to share information with PEAK;
  • Enterprise is a private business not affiliated with public authorities or government ((i.e. no State ownership);
  • Enterprise’s activities are not related to alcohol, tobacco, gambling, or cause environmental harm;
  • Has no criminal or civil law violation records for the company or its management;

Cooperatives and non-profit organizations with significant economic activity, as well as non-registered enterprises that are planning to become registered, may also apply.

*Small’ includes an organization or an individual entrepreneur whose annual revenue does not exceed VAT registration threshold – from 8 million KGS/12 months), and houses up to 15 employees; while ‘medium’ entails organizations and/or individual entrepreneur whose annual revenue is equal to or exceeds registration VAT threshold, but not more than 30.0 million KGS annual revenue and has 16 to 50 employees

**PEAK does not cover the primary agriculture sector

Priority is granted to disadvantaged businesses that meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • The business is majority owned (> 51%) and managed day-to-day by an individual(s) from a disadvantaged group: women, youth (18-28 years old), or returnee migrants (within the last two years).
  • The business, as part of its mission, employs or supports in the work integration of workers from disadvantaged groups, or provides income-generating opportunities for entrepreneurs from these groups.
  • The business targets under-served / bottom of the pyramid customers and/or includes ‘disadvantaged’ businesses in its supply chains.

How to apply?


Step 1: Application and selection of BASP for provision of the free business diagnostic
Open call for applications among MSMEs for free business diagnostic on our website and social accounts.
Action you need to take:

Read information about the programme and eligibility criteria. Fill in the application form and sign the self-declaration section. Please fill in all the boxes and attach documents to verify eligibility:

  • for an individual entrepreneur – a copy of the Patent/Certificate of the individual entrepreneur; national ID and/or passport; taxpayer identification number
  • for a private company or organization – copy of Certificate of Registration; Tax Identification Number of the organization; CEO’s passport or national ID;

Sign the Self-Declaration (download) form that you are not bankrupt, do not have tax debts, are not involved in ongoing legal proceedings in the courts that may adversely affect the business, and that you are in compliance with the national environmental regulations and requirements.

You have the option to identify an individual BASP to conduct the Diagnostic at the Application stage (by proposing the BASP’s name and contact information in the Application Form) or to select a BASP from PEAK’s database at the website ( based on:

  • your selected language for business diagnostic provision;
  • experience working in your industry/sector;
  • availability of the BASP to conduct the Diagnostic within the timeframe indicated by you.

Should you have any questions, please contact Anar Orozobaeva by email

Step 2: PEAK’s decision
In case your application meets all eligibility criteria and passes due diligence check, you will get a notification on acceptance or rejection.
This step may take up to 7 working days.
Action you need to take:
Await our response.
In case you receive a question from us, please respond within maximum 2 days.
Step 3: Tripartite Agreement Signing

PEAK will prepare a short agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the free Diagnostic to be co-signed by authorised persons representing your enterprise, selected BASP and DAI (PEAK’s representative).

This step may take up to 3 working days.

Action you need to take:
Carefully read the agreement and sign it and send back all copies to PEAK. One copy
will be given to you.
Step 4: Conducting the Business Diagnostic
The selected BASP will complete a survey questionnaire with you that will
take 45-60 minute after which he/she will provide you with a diagnostic tool report.
This step may take up to 5 working days depending on the agreed timeframe in the agreement.
Action you need to take:
Please provide the necessary information to the BASP to complete the Business Diagnostic survey. The information you provide will be kept in strictest confidence and will not be attributable to your company (except in the survey report presented to you at the end) or presented to third parties, so please feel free to be frank in your answers.


Step 5: Application for a Subsidy Covering Up To 85% of Costs

Following your discussion of the survey results with the BASP, if you are interested in applying for a BAS subsidy to partially cover the cost of implementing a business improvement project, you may choose to work with the BASP who conducted the Diagnostic to develop a Business Improvement Plan and a Scope of Work and budget for a BAS project that aims to improve the performance of your business and align with PEAK’s objectives of supporting innovation, growth and improved competitiveness.
OR you may request PEAK to share a list of certified BASPs to obtain proposals for a Business Improvement Plan and Scope of Work that meet your objectives and expectations.

Note that BASPs may be individuals or a consortium of individuals with one lead BASP who would be responsible and accountable for project delivery.
Action you need to take:
You must apply using the online application form (to be uploaded soon), which will include information about your company; the Business Improvement Plan, Scope of Work, and budget; a self-declaration regarding compliance with applicable laws; and confirmation of your commitment to your Cost Share percentage of the total BAS project value, as indicated in the table below. The maximum project value (per MSME) that PEAK will consider for subsidisation is GBP 2000 (or the equivalent of 210,000 KGS).
PEAK’s cost share % (maximum)  MSME’s cost share % (minimum) Types of advice
85% 15% enterprise is owned by woman, youth, returning migrant or other ‘disadvantaged’ groups
75% 25% entering a new market with a new product/service
75% 25% entering an export market with an existing product/service
75% 25% new market or new product/service (but not both)
75% 25% existing market with existing product/service – only if it is import substitution related
Step 6: Evaluation of the BAS Project Application
A PEAK panel will evaluate the submitted documents and you will be notified of PEAK’s decision, which could include one of the following possibilities: Reject, Postpone or Accept.

This step may take up to 2 weeks.
Action you need to take:
Await PEAK’s response.
Step 7: Tripartite BAS Agreement Signing

PEAK prepares the tripartite BAS Agreement indicating the three parties’ (MSME, BASP and PEAK) responsibilities, cost-shares, project duration, expected results and deliverables, and, if applicable, eligibility for a reimbursement (“rebate”).

A reimbursement of up to 50% of the MSME’s Cost-Share amount that was already paid to the BASP is payable by PEAK upon the MSME achieving the agreed upon results within the agreed timeframe following the completion of the BAS project (in line with the BAS Project Agreement).
This step may take up to 3 working days.
Action you need to take:
Carefully read the agreement, sign and send back all copies to PEAK. A signed copy will be given to you by PEAK.


Step 8: Implementation of Business Improvement Plan
You will work closely with the BASP on implementation of the BAS project plan.
This step will be implemented within the timeframe indicated in the Agreement.

Action you need to take:
You, together with the BASP, will implement all activities as stated in the signed Agreement and must complete all activities within the agreed time frame.
Step 9: Final Deliverables Approval and Reporting

The BASP submits a report on the BAS project along with the final deliverables to you and the PEAK. The BASP is required to make relevant changes that are requested by you and PEAK.

This step may take up to 5 working days.

Action you need to take:
You must review the report and deliverable(s) and your authorized signatory must provide his/her acceptance and confirmation of completion of the Project. Once received, PEAK will review the documentation for compliance with the terms and conditions of the Agreement and assess the evidence of existing results against the expected results.
Step 10: MSME’s feedback and satisfaction interview
Prior to processing the payment for the assignment, the PEAK must carry out an MSME satisfaction interview.

This step may take up to 3 working days.
Action you need to take:
Please share your feedback with PEAK and answer the questions of the Satisfaction interview.
Step 11: Payment

Upon the review and acceptance of the final report and deliverables by you and PEAK, the BASP will issue an invoice to you for your cost-share, followed by an invoice to PEAK for its cost-share amount.

This step may take up to 5 working days.

Action you need to take:
Pay your cost-share to the BASP. In case of eligibility for a reimbursement (“rebate”), you should submit the evidence of achievement of the expected results along with a Request for Payment to PEAK. PEAK will verify the evidence and pay you the rebate amount.

© PEAK, 2023

© PEAK, 2023