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Make a difference – become a mentor for MSMEs of Kyrgyzstan!

Would you like to support, encourage and inspire entrepreneurs to achieve their highest potential with growing their business? Are you an experienced corporate executive or business practitioner who is willing to dedicate a fixed amount of time each month to directly engage with entrepreneurs? If yes, then we invite you to apply to our Mentorship Programme.

PEAK’s Mentorship Programme aims to create a pool of highly qualified professional mentors who can offer crucial insight and advice to emerging startups and businesses in Kyrgyzstan that are benefiting from PEAK’s business development programmes and services. Mentors will challenge the entrepreneurs’ ideas and assumptions, provide help, advice and tips and further build their capacity and skills, in a space of learning and dialogue for both the mentor and mentee.
Under the Mentorship Programme, PEAK will match participants of its business support programmes with experienced and more knowledgeable mentors from PEAK’s network, who will help identify bottlenecks and navigate the companies’ next steps towards growth and development.

What is mentoring?

PEAK understands ‘mentoring’ as a relationship supporting an entrepreneur through their journey in professional development. It is about supporting, motivating and leading the entrepreneurs to scale their business to new heights. Mentorship sessions can be conducted as one-on-one or in groups to ensure greater benefit for more people, online (virtual) or offline (subject to Covid-19 safety measures).

What is the time commitment?

You will commit to spending a minimum of four hours with your mentees each month on a pro-bono (voluntary) basis. A mentorship programme per one mentee lasts for 2-3 months. A schedule of individual mentoring sessions will be agreed between the mentor and the mentee individually. You may arrange group mentoring sessions if you will be simultaneously mentoring more than one mentee.

Why should I mentor?

You can make a difference in an aspiring entrepreneur’s life, as well as your own. Consider the many benefits that mentoring offers: access to selected startups (if you are looking for an investment opportunity), learning about new trends in the industry, refining your own skills and networks, giving back and earning recognition for contribution to strengthening of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Kyrgyzstan.

I don't know how to start or what I'll do with my mentee

PEAK will provide all the support and knowledge you need to have a successful relationship with your mentee through arranging brief Mentoring Awareness Sessions (upon your enrolment to PEAK’s pool of mentors and, further on, during mentorship sessions). Mentees will provide their feedback on the mentorship, helping us to identify areas for your ongoing growth and improvement as a mentor.

Who can apply?

PEAK encourages applications for the two categories of mentors: lead mentor and peer mentor.
You are welcome to apply for ‘lead mentor’ if you are a business practitioner with more than ten years of experience in business or if you are CEO, founder, general manager, senior manager at a corporate organization from diverse economic sectors.
Our application criterion for a ‘peer mentor’ is graduation from a PEAK acceleration programme. PEAK commits to support its graduates in expanding their expertise and becoming better leaders through mentoring.

How to apply?

Ready to begin? Please see below the steps towards becoming a PEAK mentor.
Step 1: Application
PEAK’s calls for applications is available on its website and social accounts. The call is not time-bound and has no deadlines – applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
Action you need to take:
You should fill in the application form.
Step 2: Screening
PEAK will screen your application for compliance with eligibility criteria and shortlist you if you are a qualified candidate.
Action you need to take:
Await our response to your application.
Step 3: Interview

If shortlisted, you will be invited to a brief informal interview aimed at better understanding your expectations and preferences.

Action you need to take:
Provide detailed information during the interview about your potential commitment.
Step 4: Vetting
We will conduct a mini due diligence check against PEAK’s requirements.
Action you need to take:
You will be required to provide a copy of your ID/passport.
Step 5: Enrolment to PEAK’s pool of mentors

Upon successful vetting, you will get a notification of your enrolment to PEAK’s pool of mentors and invited to the next PEAK Mentoring Awareness Session.

Action you need to take:
Allocate time for participation in PEAK’s Mentoring Awareness Sessions (induction training).
Step 6: Mentorship
You will be matched with a mentee whose needs best fit your preferences, competencies and experience. You will then spend the committed time of mentorship hours with the mentee company over a 2-3 month period.
Action you need to take:
Schedule and conduct mentoring sessions with the mentee company/entrepreneur. Track and
provide brief updates to PEAK on the progress of your mentorship sessions and on any support that
you may need for effective mentoring.
Step 7: Post Mentoring Experience
You will be enrolled into the PEAK Mentor Alumni network to stay connected with PEAK and other
mentors and for further mentorship.
Action you need to take:
Share and pass on your experience to inspire others!

© PEAK, 2023

© PEAK, 2023