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Our Graduates

PEAK Bishkek


Fanki is the project management solution for small-and-medium-sized company Human Resource departments by systematizing internal HR processes and workflows.


SCARGOS is an online platform and hub for transportation/logistics
connecting shippers, carriers, and dispatchers in a more efficient and transparent manner.


CodifyLab is a coding and professional skills development center for current and aspiring technologists to learn hands-on and employable skills in a blended (and fully virtual) learning environment.


Lavanda is an online marketplace that connecting buyers and Kyrgyz vendors. It is backed by a money-back and satisfaction guarantee with a promise with fast delivery.


Nomadbooks is a nonprofit organization connecting budget-sensitive college students across CIS to hard-to-find business and professional development books.


OptimTrade is a mobile platform simplifying POS, inventory management and procurement needs for small grocery shops and their diverse vendor Network.


HOA24 is cloud billing and web/mobile property management solution that
can be integrated with payment systems to improve workflows across CIS Homeowners Associations.


DOC+ is a mobile app connecting patients to doctors
for remote access and initial diagnosis. is a cloud CRM and business phone solutions (PBX and IP PBX) for SMEs to manage sales and communication with clients.

SMM Bonus

SMM Bonus is a marketing service for bonus accumulation that helps brands/companies
attract customers, increase sales and collect data about user behaviour. provides online and offline courses on personal growth for rural communities and labour migrants in the Kyrgyz language.

Crystal Print

Crystal Print offers high-quality outdoor advertising and printing services, as well as souvenir and branded promotional products.


Creo develops typographic, textile, and souvenir products, including branded items, as well as provides graphic design services.


Мasterpack plans to produce biodegradable and eco-friendly packages (bags), including gloves and shoe covers made of polyethylene.


Karton-kg plans to produce polyethylene granules from recycled materials collected in Kyrgyzstan.

Sakura Transformer

Sakura Transformer is helping to solve the problem of tiny space in apartments by producing transformer tables for apartment dwellers in Kyrgyzstan and Russia.

ММТ Group

ММТ Group produces branded souvenir and textile promotional products.


Мadanur is a guest house with a cafe, grocery store, and bakery services as well as masterclasses of national cuisine, hiking and horseback riding tours.


Adamkaly is a hotel for local and foreign tourists. It also provides conference and business meetings services.

Inesse & Suo

Inesse & Suo designs and produces women's fashionable clothes under its own brand “Inesse” with exclusive stylish models, eco-fabric, and slow fashion elegance.


Tengri is an atelier for the production of long-lived handbags, wallets, cases, organizers, and other products made of natural leather.

Arkenstone Box

Arkenstone Box produces boxes with miniature snacks made of natural ingredients for self-catering buffets and cocktails.

Bilimspace (Windpromo)

Bilimspace (Windpromo) produces branded clothes, souvenir products, and prints drawings on adults and children's outerwear.

Yurt Camp Alay Guesthouse

Yurt Camp Alay Guesthouse is an ethno yurt camp in the south of the Kyrgyz Republic that demonstrates Kyrgyz customs and traditions and conducts master-classes in needlework, cooking of national dishes and tandoor bread-making.

Bal Aary Holding

Bal Aary Holding produces and exports a wide range of honey products and holds various awards as one of the best honey producers in Kyrgyzstan.


Smarten provides online English courses for students and corporate clients. Smarten uses National Geographic Learning’s English language teaching resources.

All World Cars

All World Cars plans to provide an emissions-free taxi service by renting electric cars and developing a mobile application for taxi drivers and clients.

Top Persona

Top Persona trains high in-demand vocational specialists such as electricians, wiremen, plumbers, truck drivers, and cooks, and facilitates internships for them in Europe.


Sedep produces Kyrgyz national carpets, clothes and souvenirs from felt, using a unique local technique.


Education Center "Eldik" provides educational and language courses for preschool children, students and adults. The language programme includes English, Turkish, Russian, German languages. The company also offers other subjects, as well as skills development courses.


AsiaBlock will produce and sell ‘foamed’ blocks made from thermal insulating material for constructing various types of buildings.

EV Conversion

EV Conversion plans to provide a range of maintenance services for electro-cars, such as the conversion of a conventional automobile with an internal combustion engine into an electric car, battery replacement in electric motors, in addition to offering rentals of electric cars and other vehicles.


Shokomokko is a bakery that offers freshly baked goods in various assortments. The company additionally provides catering services for corporate clients.


Meleni is an offline store of fresh fruits and vegetables. Customers can come and have their choice, or the company will deliver it right to customer homes. The store plans to launch online shop and increase its space area to gradually include dried fruits, fruit baskets, snacks and fruit bouquets among its products.

FC Superstar

FC Superstar aims to become a leading sports academy for training young footballers and their integration into international professional clubs. It is planning to provide professional football trainings for 6-12 aged kids, individual trainings and internships with international football clubs, summer camps in Issyk-Kul, as well as start selling self-branded sports outfits.

Déco KG

Déco KG provides decoration services for building facades using quality micro-cement material. The company is planning to purchase high quality Spanish microcement.

Sugaring Glamskin

Sugaring Glamskin is a beauty studio for women in Bishkek that uses high-quality material. The company is also planning to launch training workshops on sugar epilation.


ConnectA provides accountancy services and audit support for small and medium enterprises in Kyrgyzstan.


Arte provides psychology services by a certified psychologist and applies a unique psychological evaluation method that helps deliver results to its clients in a short time.

City Properties

City Properties provides rental services for foreign citizens and residents in Bishkek. The company aims to accommodate its clients’ requests promptly and within a day.


Debit-Credit provides accounting and tax services to small and medium businesses in
Kyrgyzstan. The company prepares and submits statutory reports, prepares documentation for taxes and National Social Fund contributions for company's employees, and supports its clients during audits by the tax authorities.


Confectionery House "Uyut" produces sweets and pastries that utilize local organic ingredients. This guarantees high quality and provides an opportunity for local people to earn income.


Ederra offers a 2-month weight control program where clients change their nutritional
habits, increase their metabolism and ultimately achieve the desired weight.

van Aral

van Aral is a goat farm that breeds Dutch goats. The farm sells goats, goat’s milk and dairy products in the Chui region.

Kerben Taxi

Kerben Taxi provides a taxi service in the Aksy and Ala-Buka districts in Jalal-Abad oblast since 2018. The company plans to add long-distance and inter-regional routes and cover 40 locations across the country by 2023.

Shakhimardan Tour

Shakhimardan Tour offers tours to historical sites in Shakhimardan and Kadamjai
district for tourists from Uzbekistan. The company also offers a Kadamjai – Issyk-Kul
tour package.


Nukura produces and sells eco-candy made from locally-grown and processed dried fruits and nuts. The market includes big cities of the country. Nukura plans to expand its business through purchasing additional production


Eletcom delivers high-speed fiber-optic Internet to residents of the Nookat district covering more than 20 villages. Eletnet will expand its business by reaching more users in the southern regions as well as by launching a similar project in
Sokuluk town of Chui oblast.

Zamirkul Apa

Zamirkul Apa Tutoring Centre provides a range of tutoring courses, including onmental arithmetic, mathematics, programming, Google digital services, SMM as well asvideo editing on a smartphone.

Miss Stilnyashka

Miss Stilnyashka designs and sews clothes for 9-15 aged girls and exports tomarkets of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan. The companyplans to expand its business by increasing its production capacity.

5+ Education Centre

5+ Education Centre provides educational courses for 5-18 aged children. The courses include robotics and engineering, chess, language courses (Kyrgyz, Russian, English, German, Turkish), preparation for the National Testing (ORT) for high-school students, and courses for pre-school children.

Yoga Mama

Yoga Mama is a family fitness club, with certified instructors, to strengthen andrevitalize physical health. The club offers yoga classes for pregnant women and forwomen in postdelivery period, as well as taekwondo bodybuilding and dance classesfor children. The company plans to train instructors in new directions of yoga andincrease their package of offered services.


Unicum Educational Centre has a 24-hour kindergarten, an elementary school anda summer camp with a focus on the English language and Mathematics. Its studentswon several contests at the international olympiads in Dubai, Tashkent, Osh andBishkek. The company plans to launch a third branch - the Unicum Kids centre for
4-12 aged children.

Toi Tatym

Toi Tatym is a bakery that produces and sells a variety of baked goods. Orders for thebakery's products are received from small stores and individuals. The company plansto expand the business to other districts of the Issyk-Kul region.


Bilim-Kench is a private school with Russian language of study and a focus on theEnglish language that applies a unique (for the local area) method of teaching 1-4grade children in the Kadamjai district. The school plans to equip each classroom withan interactive whiteboard, video surveillance, and a security alert system.

Edelweiss Touristik

Edelweiss Touristik for over 15 years has been providing a full package of travelservices, including tours across Kyrgyzstan and combined tours across Central Asiancountries, for tourists from all over the world. The agency plans to have its own vehiclefleet, participate in international tourism exhibitions, create a travel guide in theKyrgyz, German, English languages, and provide professional training for thecompany's staff.


DKS is a private garbage and solid waste removal company. The company servesindividuals and legal entities. The plan is to transform into a recycling company bypurchasing sorting equipment and special recycling containers for separate collectionof waste.


Emil Leather Studio produces various accessories (wallets, belts, bags, pouches)made of genuine leather. The company plans to expand its business by purchasingindustrial machines.

River Bike KG

River Bike KG is a guest house offering a full package of services for foreign anddomestic tourists. The services include accommodation, eco meals made from localproducts, and horse and bike tours to local authentic sites.


Aikurak is a tailoring and sewing shop of the Kyrgyz national interior elementsintended for the traditional dowry kit of a Kyrgyz bride.


Cinnabon is a bakery that makes and sells bread in Cholpon Ata town and Ananyevovillage. The company plans to purchase additional equipment to diversify its productassortment.


Wunderkind is a new educational center for children and adults. The center will offerpre-school preparation, mental arithmetic, handicrafts, language courses, and readingcourses for 5-7 aged kids. For adults, the center aims to provide short-term skillsdevelopment courses on sewing, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, social mediamarketing, public speaking, and other courses.

Tenir Alay

Tenir Alay Agriculture Cooperative produces ethno-style Kyrgyz interior elementsmade of felt, such as shyrdak, ala kiyiz, slippers, car covers and many other items. Thecooperative plans to launch an additional business on meat processing - ready-to-eatmeat products made from yaks grown in the Alay mountains.

Leader I Co

Leader I Co provides services of catering, rental of conference hall, organization oftrainings and workshops. The company plans to purchase technical equipment toimprove the quality of services provided to corporate clients.

Hidayat Group

Hidayat Group provides engineering services for the maintenance of streetlights. The company plans to establish a mini hydro power station (HPP).


Podarunok.Osh sells creative gifts and offers packaging services to residents of Osh city.


Pro.Read offers English language courses in the Osh region. The project plans to help students study and work abroad, as well as open branches in Bishkek.

Demo Print

Demo Print graphic printing centre prints high-quality banners, press-walls and other print materials.


Sayakatchy offers guide services for exploring the sights and wildlife of Kyrgyzstan.


Aruu sewing workshop produces and sells highquality clothing at a local bazaar. The Aruu brand aims to support unemployed residents of the Isfana town.


BAT KG IT school improves skills and knowledge of teachers in Kyrgyzstan on using modern technologies and computer software in the educational process. Additionally, the school offers programming and 3D graphic design courses to school students.

Coffee Time

Coffee Time sells coffee to Jalal-Abad city customers. The project also aims to offer job opportunities to unemployed residents.

Mykty Daam

Mykty Daam produces halal ready-cooked products such as dumplings and manty in the Naryn region. It plans to develop and grow its business by supplying products to neighbouring regions.


Asman online store offers high-quality Korean cosmetics in the Talas region. By strengthening its online delivery service, the company plans to expand across the country.


NuR educational project offers courses on sewing/knitting and promoting products under personal brands. NuR also produces handmade handbags for women, baby blankets, socks, shoes and baskets.


The Kyrgyz FASHION project offers stylish and modern clothes with Kyrgyz highlights. Additionally, it plans to arrange a fashion TV show, establish a center of talented designers of Bishkek city and provide them with a production platform.


AYMES produces hand-made accessories for women and girls in Kyrgyzstan. The company plans to expand to neighboring markets through social networks.

Gulzat Rysbekova

SMM specialist Gulzat Rysbekova offers her professional services in developing content plans for Instagram pages to promote businesses.

Eco Med

Eco Med Trinity LLC plans to offer services on the disposal of all types of medical waste collected from private (medical and dental) clinics, pharmacies, state medical organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and beauty clinics.


SAMI S USAMI is an education club for 6-11 aged schoolchildren in Karakol city. The club offers a variety of educational courses: biology, physics, mathematics, chemistry, drawing, origami and English language. The club plans to add other related services, including psychology, speech therapy, and positive parenting.


AZDEK is a workshop that designs and sews suitcase covers with national symbols and Kyrgyz ornaments. The covers help to protect suitcases from damage on airports’ transport belts and make it easy to find them quickly among the luggage.


EVRIKA is an education centre for 5-17 aged schoolchildren in Kochkor-Ata town. The centre offers courses on mental arithmetic, physics and robotics, computer literacy, ecology, biology, as well as language courses. The centre will also have a pets corner, library and free master classes in beading and origami. is a store of sports equipment and accessories for rhythmic gymnastics, fitness, and dance, mainly targeting 3-15-year-old girls in Bishkek. The products are imported from Russia and China and marketed in Osh, Tokmok and Kara-Balta cities. The shop plans to expand online sales throughout the country.

Miste Felt

Miste Felt is a workshop that designs and sews stylish, authentic and national clothes and accessories such as beldemchi, chapan and bekbel for women and men. The workshop uses modern methods of felting in the production of wool clothes. The workshop plans to expand the assortment with felt jackets, coats, bags, backpacks, shoes and interior accessories.

Perviy Glamping

Perviy Glamping provides accommodation services in shelters and accommodation sites located in beautiful destinations near Bishkek.

Umay Interior

Umay Interior is a workshop that produces home furniture for kids.

Ecoberry LLC

Ecoberry LLC plans to produce freeze-dried berries and fruits, which are used in the production of baby foods and confectionery products. The company aims to sell high-quality products in the domestic market and export them abroad.

Maminy Pomoshnitsy

Maminy Pomoshnitsy is an agency that provides babysitting (hourly and full-time), cleaning, cooking and tutoring services.

BLOSSOM Express Beauty Center

BLOSSOM Express Beauty Center is a beauty studio that provides lash extension and lamination, eyebrows and nail care as well as sugaring services for women in Bishkek.

Zdorovaya Semya

Zdorovaya Semya is a platform that will provide virtual consultations in the fields of medicine and psychology. The company plans to provide better access to local and international health experts for residents of all regions in Kyrgyzstan.


MONTI KIDS is a kindergarten applying the Montessori methodology for 2.5 – 7-year-old kids in Bishkek.


Pharmsabat plans to provide online courses and consultations for fresh university graduates on working in pharmacies and advising and selling medications to clients.

Naima Catering

Naima Catering offers catering services for corporate and individual events. The company aims to grow its client segment by serving more local organizations.


zlakoDAN is a mini bakery that produces and sells a variety of cookies. It plans to sell them in stores in Bishkek city.


DEM LIFE plans to provide a complex of healthcare services for health improvement. These services will include specialized consultations in endocrinology, post-surgery rehabilitation and diagnosis-based diets for people who have survived COVID-19, infectious and chronic diseases and surgery.


FiltrStudy is a life centre that aims to support unemployed people, students and people of retirement and pre-retirement age through offering trainings with professional coaches on SMM, blogging, and creative & business production.

Smart PPC

Smart PPC is a digital marketing studio that provides one-stop digital marketing services for online shops in English-speaking markets such as the United Kingdom, South Africa, USA.

© PEAK, 2023

© PEAK, 2023