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Our Graduates

PEAK Bishkek


Fanki is the project management solution for small-and-medium-sized company Human Resource departments by systematizing internal HR processes and workflows.


SCARGOS is an online platform and hub for transportation/logistics
connecting shippers, carriers, and dispatchers in a more efficient and transparent manner.


CodifyLab is a coding and professional skills development center for current and aspiring technologists to learn hands-on and employable skills in a blended (and fully virtual) learning environment.


Lavanda is an online marketplace that connecting buyers and Kyrgyz vendors. It is backed by a money-back and satisfaction guarantee with a promise with fast delivery.


Nomadbooks is a nonprofit organization connecting budget-sensitive college students across CIS to hard-to-find business and professional development books.


OptimTrade is a mobile platform simplifying POS, inventory management and procurement needs for small grocery shops and their diverse vendor Network.


HOA24 is cloud billing and web/mobile property management solution that
can be integrated with payment systems to improve workflows across CIS Homeowners Associations.


DOC+ is a mobile app connecting patients to doctors
for remote access and initial diagnosis. is a cloud CRM and business phone solutions (PBX and IP PBX) for SMEs to manage sales and communication with clients.

SMM Bonus

SMM Bonus is a marketing service for bonus accumulation that helps brands/companies
attract customers, increase sales and collect data about user behaviour. provides online and offline courses on personal growth for rural communities and labour migrants in the Kyrgyz language.

Crystal Print

Crystal Print offers high-quality outdoor advertising and printing services, as well as souvenir and branded promotional products.


Creo develops typographic, textile, and souvenir products, including branded items, as well as provides graphic design services.


Мasterpack plans to produce biodegradable and eco-friendly packages (bags), including gloves and shoe covers made of polyethylene.


Karton-kg plans to produce polyethylene granules from recycled materials collected in Kyrgyzstan.

Sakura Transformer

Sakura Transformer is helping to solve the problem of tiny space in apartments by producing transformer tables for apartment dwellers in Kyrgyzstan and Russia.

ММТ Group

ММТ Group produces branded souvenir and textile promotional products.


Мadanur is a guest house with a cafe, grocery store, and bakery services as well as masterclasses of national cuisine, hiking and horseback riding tours.


Adamkaly is a hotel for local and foreign tourists. It also provides conference and business meetings services.

Inesse & Suo

Inesse & Suo designs and produces women's fashionable clothes under its own brand “Inesse” with exclusive stylish models, eco-fabric, and slow fashion elegance.


Tengri is an atelier for the production of long-lived handbags, wallets, cases, organizers, and other products made of natural leather.

Arkenstone Box

Arkenstone Box produces boxes with miniature snacks made of natural ingredients for self-catering buffets and cocktails.

Bilimspace (Windpromo)

Bilimspace (Windpromo) produces branded clothes, souvenir products, and prints drawings on adults and children's outerwear.

Yurt Camp Alay Guesthouse

Yurt Camp Alay Guesthouse is an ethno yurt camp in the south of the Kyrgyz Republic that demonstrates Kyrgyz customs and traditions and conducts master-classes in needlework, cooking of national dishes and tandoor bread-making.

Bal Aary Holding

Bal Aary Holding produces and exports a wide range of honey products and holds various awards as one of the best honey producers in Kyrgyzstan.


Smarten provides online English courses for students and corporate clients. Smarten uses National Geographic Learning’s English language teaching resources.

All World Cars

All World Cars plans to provide an emissions-free taxi service by renting electric cars and developing a mobile application for taxi drivers and clients.

Top Persona

Top Persona trains high in-demand vocational specialists such as electricians, wiremen, plumbers, truck drivers, and cooks, and facilitates internships for them in Europe.


Sedep produces Kyrgyz national carpets, clothes and souvenirs from felt, using a unique local technique.

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Copyright © 2020 DAI Europe. All rights reserved