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Seitek Kulmamatov is a professional management consultant from Kyrgyzstan and co-founder of «Invest KG”, which helps small and medium businesses in Kyrgyzstan to overcome market obstacles by developing/implementing development strategies, business plans and marketing concepts. Seitek Kulmamatov provides all customers with high quality service, innovative solutions and post-sales service. Over the last 3 years, Seitek Kulmamatov has helped more than 20 companies, which have doubled the flow of clients, improved the quality of their services and received over USD 1 million in external investments.

Prior to starting his consulting practice, Seitek Kulmamatov worked for 10 years in large companies of Kyrgyzstan, such as Megacom, in various managerial and executive positions. The gained experience allows Seitek to clearly understand the internal structure of any type of company, relationships between employees and work processes with corporate and retail clients.

Seitek Kulmamatov has received his Master’s degree in Business Administration in 2017 and periodically upgrades his qualifications at leading educational institutions worldwide. Thus, in 2019, Seitek Kulmamatov received an international certificate in financial modeling from FAST Organization. Since 2018, he has been the head of "Business Consultants Club" PF, which aims to improve the quality of consulting services in the Kyrgyz Republic and ethics between consultants.

Seitek Kulmamatov offers a wide range of programs and services from market research to feasibility studies and presentation of prepared strategic and business plans to potential investors in Russian, Kyrgyz or English.

Professional Experience:

3-5 years

Industry/business sector experience:
  • I:
    - Marketing, Sales and Export - 5 years
  • II:
    - Strategic Planning & Management - 5 years

Award "Golden Cells 2016", awarded to the best employee at the end of the year, CJSC Alfa Telecom (TM "Megacom"), December 2016;
- Certified Management Consultant

Avg client satisfaction

83.6 %

Languages Spoken

English: fluent
Russian: fluent
Kyrgyz: mother tongue

Geographic Coverage
  • Bishkek: 19%

  • Jalal-Abad Oblast: 6%

  • Osh oblast: 75%

Specific Services

Strategic Planning
Assistance with Product/Service Technology Development or Improvement
Market Surveys & Research/ Market Information
Brand Management Services
Advertising & Promotion, including Social Media and content marketing

CONTACTSeitek Kulmamatov


996 558 8888 70


Seitek Kulmamatov is a professional management consultant in the areas of development/implementation of development strategies for commercial companies and preparation of financial models and business plans. Also, Seitek Kulmamatov specializes in providing consulting services to construction (development) companies operating in the primary real estate market through effective organization of sales department, quality structuring of management system, implementation of automated systems, staff training and development of a unique marketing approach that allows to increase sales by 30%.

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